Welcome to ADP! I hope you'll stay awhile and enjoy the beauty of family love and perhaps learn a little bit more about me as well! My whole world is my family. From a young age I've always wanted to be a mother. Here I am, mothering, and man is it a whirlwind! From one day to the next it's a grind of waking up, changing diapers, picking up toys, planning activities, dishes, and all those lovely parent chores we have. But in the middle of all of that there is love, laughter, and growth. SO. MUCH. GROWTH! I find myself looking back at pictures and not having the ability to comprehend they've grown and changed so much in just a short amount of time. Even as a photographer, I find myself stepping back and often realizing I don't have many recent (quality) images of my little guys. Documenting this beautiful, messy time in our lives is something I have to be very purposeful about, and getting images with me in them is even more of a struggle! It's why I'm so thankful for our own family sessions. At the end of the day, the year, the decade, I want my children to SEE how beautiful our lives are (even through all of the mess and the daily grind) and just how much love this family contains. It's why I became a photographer and why I hope you'll stay around to learn more about a session with Aimee Durrance Photography! 


When you reserve your session with ADP you are reserving so much more than just time for me to snap your pictures and deliver them through an online download or CD. You are reserving time for a pre-session consult, an extended session packed with play and creation of real moments, an in home reveal of your images, and hand delivery of any products or digitals you decide to purchase. You are establishing a relationship with a person that cares about you and your family. Parenthood isn't an easy task. It takes a village at times, and I'm happy to be here as a part of your village. My clients contact me with questions about anything from images to nursing to toddlerhood. Us parents have to stick together in this!


Session Offerings


You can expect to have a gallery of 50-70 images to view for all full length sessions. Full length sessions also include 10 digital images in the session fee. During your viewing session, you may chose ten images to keep or decide to purchase more digital files and products to your liking. Birth stories can expect a gallery of 150-200 images with products and digital files available for purchase during your reveal. There is never any minimum purchase. You only invest in what you love.



- allow yourself to be surrounded by happiness -

I have worked hard to find the highest quality UK sourced products and done all of the testing and searching for you! The products I offer are durable and archival quality and meant to last for your great-grandchildren to see! They will be able to hang these images on their walls and remember they come from a family founded on love and laughter. 

-  Prices listed are starting prices for each product  -



heirloom album


signature image


wall art


digital collections


digital image



Heirloom albums are 10 x 10 and hand designed

Signature images come mounted for protection and durability and ready to be placed in a frame of your choosing

Wall art includes framed images or canvases ready to hang in your home


Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information or any questions you may have. Please set up a time for a complimentary consultation by clicking here or the link in your email. If you would prefer to contact me via email please do!