Why Sheep?

Developing a true brand identity is hard work! It required since soul searching and so much time! I decided to use Nicoleinbold for my branding because I knew she would hold my hand and guide me through the processes with patience and honesty all while pushing me to create the best content possible. After our first consult she put together my brand board and I was blown away with all of the warm, cozy, and relaxing textures and colors. Now that I had some amazing inspiration, it was time for the hard part. Turning those feelings into a reality on my new site through my logo, overall brand, words, and images.

Aimee Durrance Photography lifestyle branding board for maternity, birth, fresh 48, newborn, and family photography in Leesburg, VA Northern Virginia

Why a sheep? If you have ever met me, you know I am a huge proponent for supportive, loving, and judgement free community. We are all healthier and happier if we have our people, our community. When working to develop my brand I wanted that feeling somehow at the forefront of what you see when you come to ADP. The more we chatted the more Nicole led me to animals and specifically sheep. They are herd animals. They need their community, and without it become anxious. And well...they are adorable. We had many late night laughter fits looking at funny sheep pictures and videos!

Once we discovered the concept together it was time to make it come to life... This is where I just feel awful for Nicole. You see, I have the ability to be really indecisive and picky at the same time. It's definitely one of my worst and most frustrating characteristics for me and anyone else involved. Just ask my husband! Nicole hand drew countless ideas. There were probably 25 sheep dancing around on her poster board. I had opinions on all of them, but none were just right and I couldn't tell her why. I'm pretty sure anyone else would have wanted to murder me at this point. But Nicole didn't. She said "Ok, I've got it," took it all home and started water coloring. Yes. By hand. Not on a computer. She's amazing.  After a little more tweaking she created what I didn't even know I was looking for, and I am in heaven! I am beyond thankful for Nicole of Nicoleinbold Identity Branding. Without all of her knowledge and insight ADP would not be where it is today! <3