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When I try to remember the first month of my children's lives I can't. Just typing that makes me want to bawl my eyes out, but that sad reality is the truth for so many moms and so many families! It is a month full of change, lacking in sleep, and had a sharper learning curve than I have ever experienced! Most importantly it is a month you spend trying to wrap your mind around the fact that your heart is so. full. Fuller than you ever thought possible and now your heart and your world revolve around this new tiny soul. I am SO thankful I have this time in our lives documented. Without those images that first month would just be a hole in my memory-and my littles are only 1 and 3! 

It's my goal that you leave our time together more relaxed and centered than you were when we started. It's a lofty goal right? You have a newborn, you are exhausted, your hubby (and maybe your toddler too!) doesn't want to sit for pictures for 3-4 hours, and you have a newborn in your arms you are trying to still figure out! Whew! It's a lot to juggle. THAT is why we have extended sessions. We have time to relax and just BE. You have nothing else on your agenda during that time except relaxing and spending time with each other. Nothing else is on your brain. Suddenly, you can all feel the exhaustion and stress rolling off of your shoulders and somehow I've won over that antsy husband (and toddler) of yours. When you reserve a session with ADP you are reserving an experience parallel to no other. A session fee includes so much more than your relaxed in home extended session. It includes a pre-session consult where we'll talk about everything from what to wear to your dreams (or fears) for the session. So many mommies are worried about their post-delivery body, juggling their toddler and newborn safely, or just looking their best after delivering. We discuss it all! Nothing is off limits. Don't forget I've been there-so I get it! Your session fee also includes an in home Ordering Consultation (where I'll reveal all of your family's cuteness) and hand delivery of your products.  


Love exists here.



I'd love to hear from you and capture your new baby and larger family!


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