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Family. That word means SO much. It is something I treasure, probably more than the average person. I think it is because I was adopted. I know what it is like to be a part of a family without a father struggling to make ends meet. I also know what it is like to be a part of a family that has two loving parents and chooses to focus on love over all else going on in the world. I can't thank God enough for sending that sweet man to my mom and I. I think it is where I get my passion to do all I can for families in helping them stay whole and healthy. Notice I didn't say happy. We all will have our seasons where life is hard and happiness is hard to come by. THAT is why I am passionate about family photography. We all deserve to be surrounded by love and happiness-even on days we struggle to find joy. There is nothing more rewarding than delivering a gallery, album, and wall art to clients that illustrates their happy and their love. To know that genuine moment will be with them to remind them and generations to come what pure love and joy looks like. Not a pinterest posed version, but THEIRS. 

Bicester mum and dad explore the woods and play with their daughter during their family photography session.

We play a lot during our session. It helps the little ones stay engaged, but it also helps the adults! It's the way I get the most genuine smiles and reactions. I discover what makes your family unique and take it from there. It's why when you reserve a session with ADP you'll discover a photographer that truly cares about your family and spends time getting to know who you are. You aren't just a session on the calendar to me. When you reserve a session you are investing in so much more than an hour on my calendar. Your session fee includes a pre-session consult where we discuss everything from how I pose to what your favorite family activity is.  It also includes a 1-2 hour on location session, an in home Ordering Consultation, and hand delivery of your products, and a friend. Let's get real. When you spend that much time with someone, I'd hope you would end as friends! ;) 



Love exists here.



I'd love to hear from you document your one of a kind family love story!


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