Baby E's Birth Story | Inova Natural Birth Center | Leesburg, VA | Birth Photography

48 hours

That's normally something we say to describe a count down until something we are looking forward to. It's NOT a figure a woman ever wants to describe her labor! This mama has the privileged of never looking at that number in the same way-and some pretty amazing bragging rights! I'm pretty sure I'd stick that one in my pocket to use anytime I was needing a break from chores! ;)

In all seriousness she was an amazingly graceful laborer. All you could do was sit back in amazement that a woman could endure so much, with such little sleep, and still have it in her to laugh and smile while she's at it! As this mom and dad got closer and closer to meeting their sweet little girl they sank into each other and relied on prayer to keep Christine going. They were such a beautiful testament of love and strength.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13