IAPBP 2017 Image of the Year Competition

It's that time of year again! Every year in January us birth photographers sift and sort through all of our births from the year to find the best of the best. Images that tell a story in that tiny 1/200th of a second in our client's life. Images that regardless of the light, unpredictable movement, and the objects (or people) in our way are in focus with beautiful composition. You'd think with all of these obstacles it would be a competition that had some beautiful images and some cool images, but the images this year are. AMAZING. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers' judging panel has their work cut out for them this year! I wanted to take a moment and share the images I have submitted this year and the stories behind these precious moments.



This father was there every minute of labor waiting to be needed. He sat quietly and somehow just knew what his wife needed and when. His intuition proved indespensible during this moment. Suzanna was coming back into the room after using a bath to help with her contractions. As she began walking, another strong contraction came over and she collapsed into Brain's arms. It was a beautiful moment showing the true meaning of trust fall!



This mommy has a beautiful petite body, and her baby from the beginning of her pregnancy just settled low and far out. Through our many conversations during her pregnancy this baby belly always came up. She received endless comments about 'how large' her belly was and that she 'must be carrying twins.' All of those dreaded comments any pregnant woman wants to punch someone for. She handled it with grace, but it became a common theme throughout her pregnancy! As Christine found this position for her final pushes, I couldn't resist bringing humor to the situation in illustrating her final moments with this infamous baby belly. 


Post Partum

There's just nothing better than baby snuggles and baby wrinkles. You combine the two of them together and it's magic! Mom laid captivated while watching her little girl latch and nurse successfully for the first time. While she nursed mom started stroking her and commenting on details like her hair, her wrinkles, and her head shape. It was a really sweet time of bonding for this family. 




So often in America, after delivery the room is buzzing with movement from nurses and doctors. That wasn't the case with this delivery. It was quiet. This mommy just laid there to snuggle and nurse her brand new baby. Tummy to tummy they laid there just getting to know one another. This image shows the details of what was happening under the blanket keeping both of them warm. Tiny wiggly newborn toes resting on mommy's leg while this sweet little one just melted into the now empty baby belly it used to live in. 

If you've enjoyed these, just wait until you see the other images that have been entered!!! WARNING: You may be lost for a couple of hours looking at all of this amazingness. Just don't say I didn't warn you! ;)