Mom Hacks

As moms, I don't think we give ourselves enough credit. We are always thinking of things we can do better, things that still need to get done, and things we wish we could do. BUT every once in awhile we need to stop and acknowledge the things that are done well, things that did get done, and things we accomplished. If not for ourselves for each other! So, for a moment, I'm going to stop and share some things I do/use that help us everyday!


Living in England with the unpredictable weather, it seems we need to have tons of different weather gear readily available. With children, that gets ugly and anxiety producing quickly! ;) We purchased a CLEAR shoe hanger and use it for the children's accessories. They can put away their own shoes, rain, and winter gear at ages 2 and 4! It's magical! Doesn't always stay tidy (as you can see), but it is clear so we can still see everything AND it's behind a closed door so all is well! 

mom hacks, closet storage, shoe storage, winter gear storage, stay organized with children
mom hacks, closet storage, winter gear storage, stay organized with children


Dinner Time

Please tell me I'm not the only one that dreads this time of night? Many times the kids are wonderful, but if I don't have a plan it's like they can smell blood in the water! I try to plan out relatively easy meals for the week, but, as you all know, sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Sooo...we make back up plans! I try to always have options of shelf stable or freezer meals. This doesn't have to mean it is full of awful preservatives. One of my favorite things is cooking large meals or doubling a recipe and sticking the extras in the freezer ready to be warmed up for when life gets in the way. 

mom hacks, dinner time, meal planning, weekly meals, dinner organization


Time Blocking

I can get distracted right along with the best of them. Time blocking has been making a HUGE difference with this for me! I create my to do list (work+personal) and then write down WHEN and HOW LONG I will work on each task. The Life Styled Luxury Day Planner has been my saving grace in making this dream of organization a reality.

weekly planner, time blocking, to do list, being productive, staying organized


Silence your Phone Notifications

Yeah, I know we like our mom breaks. The ARE necessary for our sanity, but I was finding my phone was distracting me during family time. Time I wanted to be engaging with my kids and husband - not with the outside world and not with work. Without the constant dinging I can look at my phone on my terms and not be bothered in the mean time! Now the only things that make noise are phone calls and texts. Back to the simple things in life. ;)

silence your cell phone, stay focused, stay present, notifications off


Treat for Mum 

Do something for yourself. Not something against yourself. Take time to workout, treat yourself to a healthy drink or snack you love, take care of your skin/hair/nails. Mine is my skincare. I love my Rodan + Fields and using it makes me feel like a normal person. It takes away my acne (that often gets worse with stress) and relieves my puffy and dark eyes from those nights waking up with my toddlers. It helps me look like a put together normal human being! ;) If you are interested on how you get your hands on this amazingness feel free to reach out or post in the comments!

Rodan + Fields, mum treat, skin care, longer eye lashes, under eye cream,


I hope some of these mum hacks help make your life a little easier and a little happier! I'd love to hear tricks you have up your sleeve!

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